I Don’t Use a Tablet Anymore?

When you are working with your computer, laptop, netbook or tablet; do you really use it?

I don’t actually use my tablet as much as I thought I would. My tablet is currently sat in my bag while I start this blog post on my smartphone and even when I am using it, I usee a physical keyboard that works with it to make it into what you would tell me is actually a small laptop.

What made me think about this though, was that just before talking about unicorns with rainbow flatulence (don’t ask); Georgia Dow on the This Week in Tech podcast was talking about she no longer uses her iPad.

So let’s look at what I intended to do and what I actually done, which probably is the best picture of what should have been:

  • When I am on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – I use the touchscreen for everything
  • … but on my Linx tablet – I use the touchpad of the docked keyboard rather than the touchscreen
  • … but on my MSI GS70 Laptop – I use a wireless mouse instead of the touchpad
  • … and on my Windows 10 devices I have even started shouting “Hey Cortana!”

My problem between a phablet (like the Note 4) a tablet and a netbook / notebook / small laptop is that they are all pretty much the same.

The Linx 1010b 2-in-1 Is it a tablet or a laptop? That is the question!

The last time I used my tablet as a keyboard-less, touchscreen device was when I took it out of it’s dock to show someone a picture on Flickr. Now though I almost always use my device as a netbook, especially as it is a Linx 1010b which comes with a dedicated hardware keyboard dock.

Finally – A Point

So on the long journey of a rant about tech I have to ask the question: have the boundaries between the different sizes of tech finally become so blurred that the tablet is becoming obsolete?

I think they have.

The Tablet Inception

When the tablet was introduced there was nothing in terms of a large touchscreen in the consumer market. Smartphones themselves were still in their diapers and the iPad was the next big thing; Georgia for example, said that she could not wait for a touchscreen MacBook (I am sure that is what she said I will have to listen again) and yet there is already an array of touchscreen laptops and 2-in-1 hybrids that have it already.

Yet to be honest, I have not really heard a tablet announcement so far in 2016 that has really stood out. Yeah sure so Amazon are still upgrading their Fire HD, but they have only been around for a few years unlike the iPad’s and Sony Xperia. The likes of Xiomi are now starting to bring you low-spec Android and 32 Bit Windows 10 devices.

Sure, so you do have ASUS releasing their Transformer series of 2-in-1 computers, but there are very few offerings across the board that make me go WoW.

Too Much Choice

I have just spewed a list of six different tablet offerings. Which is the best of them all? I don’t know…. in fact, apart from anything from Apple (which is more down to the user experience and hand-holding – than the tech) I don’t think there is much to make a call between them all.

I have not even glossed on Microsoft Surface, is that even a tablet?

If you look at the similarities and the fact that they mostly come in around the same price point within their target markets, nothing stands out about them. That means there is very little brand loyalty among them and that inevitably will mean that there is little opportunity for the companies to really develop an innovative product based on their profit margins and outlook.

Who Are They For Anymore?

What even IS the target market? When I have had an Android slate before, like a few of the grey import ranges, I have not been impressed with the range of apps. They have nothing different to my Note 4 Phablet, although before that I was using a (dare I admit) BlackBerry Z10. My Windows 2-in-1 is just that, a Windows 10 computer and I doubt you can get a Windows RT tablet anywhere anymore as it was so restrictive.

I do occasionally watch a film or program my 10-inch screen. I am not sure that watching Game of Thrones was entirely appropriate on the train but I did watch other things. For anything else though I need a keyboard and that means a notebook is just as useful as a smartphone and a Bluetooth keyboard.

Not Much of a Point?

Certainly I think there is a very small call for the future of tablets, but if it is not hugely successful for manufacturers and the use-case limited to watching movies and specific cases (IE business uses) then I certainly from here the days of the tablet seem very bleak.

Oh…. and just for reference:

Unicorn flatulence has rainbows in it…..

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