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A motherboard bundle is going to make your life easier. You are most likely to make the biggest mistake when building up your motherboard, processor and RAM. It is the most expensive mistake you could possibly make when you build a computer.

I recommend that you buy a motherboard bundle.

Buying a Motherboard Bundle is So Much Easier

I still buy a processor and motherboard bundle when the specification is not essential and it is by far the safest way to build a computer. For the beginner, you can make sure that you do not spend more than you can afford on your pride and joy.

A Motherboard BundleThere are some small variations to motherboard bundles. Some retailers sell them pre-assembled while others will just send you the components. You will also find that some retailers supply RAM in their motherboard bundles whereas others will not. It is always worth making sure because not even the images are always accurate to the product description.

Pro Con
You know everything is compatible You are limited to what the retailer offers
Many come pre-assembled Upgrading might invalidate your warranty
Cheaper than getting it wrong More expensive if it goes wrong

The Pro of a Motherboard Bundle

The Motherboard Bundle is easy for a computer builder because you avoid lots of the risk from heat and static damage when building your computer.

Damage from a badly fitted Heatsink

Installing a new heatsinkThe processor slots onto the motherboard very easily but is then secured by your heat-sink. If you are going to use your own heatsink then you must make sure it is tight fitting over the processor and notso tight that you can snap the very motherboard you are attaching it too!

There are also different ways that you attach this to the motherboard. I personally hate having to deal with Intel heat-sinks because you it usually uses plastic split-pin butterfly screws (think plastic rawl plugs) that you use to anchor the fan onto the motherboard and pushing a pin through the centre to split open the end. There are a whole host of potential failures that could mean your heatsink is not tight and secure, and your processor overheats.

We also have thermal paste. This is spread as a thin layer between the processor and the heatsink and helps transfer the heat between the two. Too little will mean not enough heat is transferred but too much then it can become an insulator, preventing heat from escaping the CPU.

These two mistakes can destroy your processor.


Another benefit of the motherboard bundle is an assurance of compatibility. With each new range of Intel processors a new shape of pin connection is released. These are known as sockets and each different connection has a different name such as FM2 and AM3 sockets from AMD and Socket 1155, 1156 or 478 from Intel. It’s not important to computer builders why they are named so, only that mostly they are not interchangeable with motherboard equipment.

The Con of a Motherboard Bundle

The problem with shopping for a motherboard bundle is that the range can be quite limited. Unless you are looking to buy a bundle with a high-end processor, most of the motherboards I come across for bundles have limited graphics and PCI card expansion options.

There is also the issue of how much retailers offer in terms of bundles. Once the novice computer user has started to experiment with computer building then they are more likely to start building their own motherboard combination from scratch. This means that many retailers such as Novatech above offer a very limited range and can revolve around a small number of motherboards to ensure stock gets utilised effectively.

The hardware options offered are usually quite basic in nature  and with minimal change for expansion cards on a mini-ATX motherboard. For the average computer user who will want to surf the net, watch BBC iPlayer and send e-mail this will be enough, but when we consider other uses then the motherboard bundle might not be useful.

The Places to Get a Motherboard Bundle

If you are going to buy your first components then do it from a retailer that offers these pre-assembled. We have already mentioned that this will mean that you would be less likely to damage the delicate computer parts as you install them in your new computer case. The following are unfortunately not explicit recommendations as I have not got the money to invest in multiple purchases from retailers; but we have –

Novatech – This Portsmouth based company offer motherboard pre-assembled for processors right up to an Intel Core i7. All the motherboards on their bundles are in the Micro and Mini ATX catagories, but all motherboard bundles also come with RAM as part of the package.

EBuyer – This Internet Only company offer a range of barebones systems that include the case as part of their package. The systems are mostly media centre “shuttle cases” but it makes your work even easier as they already install some components such as the motherboard into the computer case for you.

Buying Motherboard Bundles at Amazon:

At the moment, Amazon have some great motherboard bundles available from both it’s market place sellers and the web retailers own stock. I have been using an ASUS M5A78L motherboard for a few years now and I love the fact that it is so easy to overclock from the BIOS. This could be something that you want to play with as you get more confident with your own computer builds.