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For many, the DVD drive is now less important than it was a few years ago. With operating systems now widely – and legitimately – downloadable from the Internet and installed from USB, the need for an optical drive is more of an option than an essential.

The most important question is what are you going to be doing with your new computer?

  • Watching Blu-Ray films? Then obviously a Blu-Ray drive is needed
  • Backing up large amounts of data or archives in excess of 8GB? You should look at Blu-Ray drives
  • Do you only need a writable DVD drive?
  • Or is it now Netflix, Steam and Spotify?


An LG DVD Drive from Amazon

A cheap DVD drive on Amazon – this LG is less than £20

CD, DVD and Blu-Ray drives are just as easy to write to as read from. For CD and DVD drives the cost of “upgrading” to a CD Writer or DVD Writer is minimal, if  you are going to use it.

The cost of writing to a Blu-Ray disc is still expensive though, drives still cost £60 online, with blank 25GB discs still over £1 each. If you are regularly buying packs of 50 for backing up, you should ask yourself why you are not backing up at home or online.


SATA ports

SATA connections are on your motherboard

The next question is whether you are upgrading an old computer or building a brand new one. If you have a new motherboard then you almost certainly want to invest in a DVD drive that connects using SATA. These are much smaller than the cables than you used to get with a 40 or 80 thread IDE connection.

An example of a SATA cable end and connection are on the right here. They are not necessarily red though so you might find them as another colour. If you have a spare SATA connection then it is ideal for your next optical drive and hard disk because they offer a faster connection for your data.

Don’t Spend Too Much

Before you spend lots of money on a new CD or DVD drive there is still longevity in the market. Sony have already been reported that it is to stop manufacturing PC optical drive devices and close its Sony Optiarc operation; when approached by leading computer tech publisher CNET the reply was:

the reports are “basically correct”
(source: CNET)

Increasingly, there are high-definition media players in games consoles as well as Smart Television. The increase in tablets and notebook also means more developer focus on online downloads.

But, my suggestion is still; keep your optical drive nice and cheap and a well priced DVD-Writer will be your best friend until the end of the DVD.