Lesson 2: Buy Your New Computer Parts

Retailers exist for one reason; to make money

Groceries, cars, houses, computer parts; whatever people are selling you it is so they can make a profit. There are lots of ways that these shops and store make their profits whether it is running regular clearance sales, discount vouchers or selling popular products at a loss to promote more expensive merchandise.

You can always save a bit of money…… but first I will tell you my most important tip:

If you buy in the High Street or in a Retail Park, you might as well buy a complete computer.

I am going to show you what you need to know when you are buying parts to build your new computer.

  • Some computer parts will be recommendations because I have used them myself.
  • Sometimes I will tell you the best questions to ask yourself or retailers

Each section will focus on one computer component. By following the steps page by page you will easily build yourself a new computer that YOU need, that YOU built and that YOU CAN ENJOY.

First – Savvy Computer Component Shopping

Shop Around

Once you realise how much cheaper the on-line computer retailers are compared to PC World or Currys (owned by the same company) you will not want to stop there. Every computer component re-seller will have their own niche, whether it is something like motherboards or whether they compete by having their own brand components. You will not get the best savings by buying everything in one store.

Amazon, Novatech, Ebuyer, Scan Computers

These are the four places where I find most of my computer parts.

Cashback Websites

Retailers often pay a percentage to cashback companies for their referrals; and those savings can be passed on to you! Cash-back sites are popular and a lot of computer component retailers offer what is effectively a discount on their products and in the last 5 years I have received cash-back of over £1000 on lots of purchases; not just computer components. The best bit is that any cash-back you do get has nothing to do with earned income; you are not liable to income tax on it and with such a wide range of retailers on cash-back websites; you could get back a lot of your money.


QuidCo - Logo

One of my favourite cash-back websites is QuidCo and I have been saving with them for over 5 years. I was lucky that I used to live near the Novatech Head Office in Portsmouth so I am a frequent visitor for new computer parts and they have always had the knack of offering an Argos-style reserve and collect service which means I can order on-line through QuidCo, get cash-back and collect through their express collection service without waiting for (or paying for) delivery!

Cashback through Quidco happens twice a month, but do not expect your repayment straight away; QuidCo don’t pay you until they are paid by the retailer. One thing to note is that QuidCo also “charge” £5 a year for the service….. well I say charge, you only pay once you reach £5 in the year; if you earn no cashback you pay no charge.

One of the additional benefits of QuidCo is the option to also receive cash-back when you shop in selected stores; all you need to do is pre-register your debit or credit card with QuidCo for it to start tracking. Retailers such as Debenhams, Halfords and Cineworld participate in this scheme; so there really is a variety to choose from.

The top computer parts retailers that QuidCo currently have cashback for are: Novatech, eBuyer, dabs.com, Misco and many more!



TopCashBack is very similar to the QuidCo in that you can shop online with retailers and get cash back from TopCashBack. In terms of the general retailers the same list of usual suspects can be found and the offers are very similar to those of QuidCo. What makes TopCashBack different to QuidCo in terms of website offering is that some of the more obscure categories such as B2B selling and a whole section dedicated to “Free Cashback”  like entering competitions or surveys.

Disappointingly you have to sift through a generic “computers and laptops” list to find the retailers that we are after, so that means ignoring the PC World and the Comets to find the top computer parts retailers that TopCashBack currently have: dabs.com, and Misco.

Guides to Buying Your Computer Parts

I have a range of guides to what you need to know when you are buying your next batch of computer parts; updated on a regular basis and covering all aspects of computer building:

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