Build YOUR New Computer

Now that we have your new computer parts ready it is time to start building your new computer. Before we start we need to make sure that we have all the essential tools that get used to build a brand new computer so we are going to check that we have them all before we begin.

Stop The Spark

Most importantly we need an anti-static device. All the time you are walking around in your socks, loading or emptying the washing machine or any other task that involves moving about there is a change that you will gain a static build-up. If you remember back to your school days, your science teacher would probably have had you rubbing a rubber balloon before holding it over your head to attract your hair…. No?

The one I hate is when I am walking around the clothes section at my local supermarket. It only ever happens in the clothes section, but the next time I touch the metal of my supermarket trolley ZAPP! I get an electric shock from the static electricity built up.


So; you need an anti-static device that will protect your new computer parts. Stopping the transfer of static electricity reduces the risk that you will inadvertently damage your new computer parts before they are even installed. Anti-Static devices range from the really cheap to the really expensive from a simple anti-static wristband to more comprehensive anti-static floor matting and strap sets.

Have the Right Tools

We also need the right tools. The DIY tool-set in the garden shed is probably not going to be suitable with the chunky screwdrivers to build kitchens and the 6 inch nails to attach a horseshoe to the front door. Thankfully if your only going to build and maintain your own PC then there will be very few tools needed and these can be really cheap.

If you are planning to do everything from building a computer to re-wiring your home computer network then you should consider investing in a PC tool kit that will let you get into the nooks and crannies of your computer and something like the StarTech PC Computer Tool Kit will cope really well.

Building Your Computer

A simple computer build with just a graphics card and hard drive added.There are a number of steps that you must take to building your computer and the best way to complete them is to follow this guide step by step. Not everyone is going to need (or want) to do that though – as you can see to the right some computers can be the simplest builds – so we have broken it down into a number of easy parts so that you can find the section you need:

  1. Preparing Your Computer: Case (Under Construction)
  2. Preparing Your Computer:  Motherboard, Processor and RAM (Under Construction)
  3. Building Your Computer: Peripherals and Power Supply (PSU) (Under Construction)
  4. Building Your Computer: Installing and Wiring the Motherboard (Under Construction)

It Really is Easy

It took me a while to realise just how easy it was to build my own computer; the whole process can be done in just a few hours and nothing is as satisfying as turning the computer on for the first time and it asking for an Operating System. You can build your own computer too.