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Affiliate Disclaimer for

As you all know, websites cost money to run. I enjoy doing work on certain websites otherwise I would never have started building and you would not be reading this affiliate disclaimer today.

The truth is that websites take a lot of time and effort to run as well as a little money. For this reason I have to make an effort to make the website at least self-sufficient financially so that I can continue to add content rather than work extra overtime to pay the web-hosting bill.

I try to limit the amount of advertising that is used on and this is usually limited to one advertisement from Google which you can see on the left hand side of your screen; and Amazon which I often link to in my pages and posts where I think that this will be helpful to you, the reader. There are many links on this website where I would gain a commission from your activity, so I want to be absolutely clear what happens.

Google: I have no control over the content that you see in the Google advertising. I will however earn commission on clicks made to adverts that are displayed. I in no way can guarantee that I would endorse the content displayed in the Google Advert and it’s display should not be taken as such. I also do not encourage clicking on advertising links within Google Adverts for the sake of clicking. This is immoral and defeats the objectives of the Google Advertising Program; please click responsibly.

Amazon: When I link to a product in Amazon; I do so because I have personally used a product or know somebody close to me that has and I trust their judgement. I can not vet all Amazon third-party vendors therefore I can not vouch for their integrity and therefore common sense and caution is advised; if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

Other Links: There are many links on this website that are neither Google or Amazon. I can not vouch that over time the websites I link to will change their policies and should therefore be considered “as-is” at the time of publishing. In some instances these will be affiliate links which I might gain commission from. You should therefore consider that all links could be affiliate links and treat them accordingly.