Your Perfect PC: A Beginner Guide To Building Your Own

Do you remember being ripped off by the big computer retailers who have been earning commission and profits because they made you think that PC building and repair was difficult. IT ISN’T.


I Build My Own Computer – and You Can Too!

Building and upgrading your PC is easy and can save you money, you like saving money? I am not a Microsoft Certified Engineer, nor am I am an IT professional. I am a normal person like you, but I have been upgrading and building computers for over 10 years.


If I Can Do It – Anyone Can Do It!

Did you buy your first personal computer at a computer shop? Did you read the pretty labels hyping up the computers and the huge price tags to do with them. Did you then get disappointment at home when it was not as fast as you expected?


Next time – Build Your Own Computer – a complete beginner can do it

You could buy every book in the library to build yourself a new computer and still not enjoy it. What I will do differently with you though is tell you all you need to know. If you want to read more than you need to then by all means do, but if you just want to build then keep on reading.

Enjoy Knowing Your Computer

If you have never built a new computer before then it is really easy. Once you know which end of the screwdriver is for the screws then it is as easy as plug and play; upgrading parts become easier as you learn how to do it and when a component goes bang it is cheaper, easier and even more interesting to work out what is wrong and how to fix it.

On Build My Own Computer I will also show you how to re-use your old computer parts. Just because you need a faster processor, the old one is not useless.

Buying Components

A simple computer build with just a graphics card and hard drive added.Never trust your computer store retailer. They profit by fleecing you. Not only that, but many retailers rely on part-time and weekend staff who will be pushed to sell more than learn. It’s hard to know if the person you are asking advice from is a trained full-time employee, or a part-timer who works 4 hours on a Saturday for some extra pocket money.

You will also learn how to shop savvy for your computer parts, only buying pre-assembled where you need to and how to even get cashback (aka a discount) from on-line retailers. We can show you how to buy:

* Your Computer Case – Small? Large? Water Cooled?
* Your Motherboard and Processor – and just WHY you should buy your first one complete
* Your Hard Drives – do you RAID?
* Your Graphics Cards – Is on-board enough or are you playing Battlefield 3?


Build My Own Computer is a hobby web-site that I have set up as both a learning curve for me with WordPress web-building and as an information point for you. If you find something wrong then I am sorry. Please email and tell me so I can fix it for the next person that comes along.